In the UK drift rc cars were first seen around 2005. The first rc drift cars was a touring car with a drift car body shell and paint scheme.  Full scale drifting originates from Japan and the art of drifting is all about getting your car sideways and using the power of the rear wheels to drive the car whilst being sideways.  Sounds easy! There is a lot of skill required to do this correctly and a real drift car is 500+Bhp to achieve this.

In rc drift the principle is the same but to aid the rc drift car to break traction we use hard plastic tyres that constantly wheel spin but still give grip.  Throughout the country there are many rc drift clubs.  Different clubs run on different surfaces with most of them selecting carpet to be the surface of choice.

RC drift car come in two different chassis forms and these are RWD (rear wheel drive) and CS (counter steer or all wheel drive). In 2017 the majority of RC Drifting enthusiasts switched to RWD cars.  The design of the newly released chassis kits like the Yokomo YD2 made the setting up of the car easier.

RWD cars are tricky to control and require a gyro to be fitted to help you catch the car from spinning around. A true CS drift car can change the way the power is delivered to the front and back wheels by altering the gearing.  The higher the CS the more the back wheels will spin compared to the front wheels.  Another major advantage to a drift car is the amount of steering lock these models have which is needed to catch the car from spinning out.

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FTX Banzai 1/10 Brushed Drift 4Wd RTR 2.4Ghz/Waterproof FTX5529

£129.99 £114.99
RC Drifting is getting more and more popular in the UK and the guys over at FTX headquarters have created a great entry level RC Drift car.? The Ready-To-Run Banzai brings Japanese drift styling to the entry level arena.

HPI RS4 Sport ken block 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 115990

£299.99 £264.99


HPI RS4 Sport Vaughn Gittin JR 115984

£264.99 £224.99


Team Associated Ae Qualifier Series Apex Mini 4Wd Touring Car RTR W/2.4Ghz AS20113

£139.99 £124.59
The 1:18 scale Apex is a ready-to-run electric 4WD touring car. Features include a new paint scheme (available in either

Yokomo YD-2R Plus RWD Drift Car Kit YD2 (Graphite Chassis) DP-YD2RPLS

£359.99 £339.99
In response to the traction control on low-grip track to which many drift users have been paying attention in recent years, we created the ?rear motor? layout which can maximize the rear traction without changing the total weight.

Yokomo YD-2SXII PURPLE LIMITED RWD Drift Car Kit (Graphite Chassis) YD2SX2P

£599.99 £549.99
The overwhelming rear traction due to the high mount motor layout, YD-2S series has been dominated RC drift competition in the world.

Yokomo YD-2SXII RWD Drift Car Kit (Graphite Chassis) YD2SXii

£599.99 £549.99
Out of box ready for the battle in the world, new birth of ?YD-2 SXII !!!

Yokomo YD2E Plus RWD Drift Car DP-YD2EPLS

£399.99 £349.99
This is a high-spec machine YD-2E PLUS that incorporates practical optional parts in advance into the RWD drift standard machine YD-2E.

Yokomo YD2E RWD Drift Car

£199.99 £174.99
One-piece resin chassis specification superior in ease of handling appears in YD-2 S line-up where the rear traction is high with a high mount motor and the usage rate is further increased on low grip road surfaces such as P tile and concrete.

Yokomo YD2EG RWD Drift Car with YG-302 Gyro DP-YD2EG

£234.99 £219.99
Conventional YD-2 series has created and enhance the new trend of RWD drift in the world.

Yokomo YD2S RWD Drift Car DP-YD2S

£199.99 £179.99
The YD-2 S with high mount motor, high rear traction, and higher usage on low grip road surfaces.

Yokomo YD2SG RWD Drift Car with Y2-302 Gyro DP-YD2SG

£234.99 £219.99
Rear traction is higher in the high-mounted motor, the YD-2 S lineup of utilization is further increased in the low-grip