If you are looking for an Off Road radio controlled model then we can help you at RC Model Shop Direct.  We have a vast selection of Off Road radio controlled models to choose from.  The most popular are Off Road radio controlled Buggies also referred to has Off-Road rc Buggies or Off Road rc Buggy. Off Road rc Buggies or rc buggy can be bought in various scales, 1/10th, 1/8th which are powered by either battery or nitro. The bigger Off-Road rc Buggy,1/5th scale is normally powered by regular unleaded petrol.

Off-Road radio controlled Buggy racing is very popular with many clubs throughout the UK. These clubs race most weekends throughout the year.  Off Road rc Buggies are manufactured to be robust due to the terrain they run on.  All the models we sell we offer a full spares back up for any damages you may incur. The buggies can be purchased in either 2WD (2 wheel drive) or 4WD.  This gives 2 different dimensions to the running of the model due to grip levels. 2WD is harder to run and requires smoother throttle control than a 4WD buggy.

The 2 wheel drive version normally have different tyres on the front than the back.  This is down to the drive coming from the back wheels and not the front like the 4 wheel drive versions. With the technology now available in batteries the battery models can run faster than the nitro and petrol models.  The main difference from the battery versions of the Off Road rc Buggy to the nitro and petrol versions is the noise and smell. The upside to the battery version is they are less temperamental to use.  Providing you remember to charge the battery your model should work and not need adjusting like the nitro version. If you are looking for any Off-Road radio model, then please give us a call or pop in to see us so we can advise you on the best buggy for your requirement and budget.

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Schumacher Cougar Laydown “STOCK SPEC” kit K181

£344.99 £304.99
The Cougar Laydown 'Stock Spec' is an evolution of the EOS winning Cougar Laydown.

Tamiya Comical Grasshopper 58662

£165.00 £139.99
The original Grasshopper needs little introduction, now the legend is re-imagined as the Comical Grasshopper.

TLR 22 5.0 DC ELITE Race Kit 1/10th 2WD TLR03022

£439.99 £389.99
The 22 5.0 has proven itself as the next evolution of the 22 2WD buggy platform.