Friday Night Racing 4th October 2019

Ignition raceway

Friday night RC Racing at Ignition Raceway was another great night.  Tonight we was racing the Tamiya Race trucks, Wheely Monster Trucks and the On-Road RC cars.  All three race classes were great to watch and full of excitement.  Once again we had some close battles not just competing for 1st place but further down the field too.  With the racers switching positions throughout the night it was great to watch.

Fastest Lap goes to Aiden Bates

Lap 11 Fastest Time

Tonight I thought we would have a little fun and see who could achieve the “Fastest Lap” regardless of the class raced.  I secretly chose a lap that the time would be recorded on, this was lap 11.  To give the Wheely Trucks A chance I gave a 5 second reduction to their lap 11 time.


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